Cat Sanctuary


Bryson came to RAPS at the end of July. Carol had received a request to come and trap a feral black shorthair mom. She went to the site and successfully trapped a black shorthair, only to discover that the cat was a neutered male.

This cat, who RAPS staff named Bryson, seemed very scared at first, so it was unclear whether he was a stray or a feral who’d been trapped, neutered, and released. But it didn’t take him long to stop hiding at the back of his cage and come out for cuddles. Leslie even had to add a warning to the sign on his door that he snuggles right at the cage door. Why is this something to watch out for? He gets so into flopping over and wriggling around that he’s oblivious to the possibility of rolling (and falling) right out!

As a result of all this snuggling and wriggling, I was only able to get the one clear photo of him. So people will just have to go visit him in person (he’s in the Connor building). Just don’t let him get so carried away with visiting that he wriggles out the door.