Cat Sanctuary


If asked to list of most popular cat names, I’m not sure the name Bobby would have occurred to me. And yet, at the cat sanctuary there are four Bobbies (that I know about so far): tabby&white Bobby in the front courtyard, sneezy tuxedo Bobby in the doublewide, shy black&white Bobby in the doublewide, and orange bobtail Bobby in the Old AIDS.

This Bobby is my most recent acquaintance. Not sure yet whether we’re likely to hit it off. He’s a semi-feral who’s been at the sanctuary for a long time but remained shy. Leslie says he will let people pet him if approached slowly and that he may even be inspired to put his bum in the air to show his approval of the petting.

Unfortunately for me, I’d already taken some photos of him with my big scary camera and its big scary flash before I learned that petting might have been a possibility. By this time, he’d decided that he didn’t think much of my camera and really wasn’t too sure about me. He did let me get close enough to present a fingertip for sniffing, but I’ll have to go back another time, sans camera, to try and earn a proper audience.