Cat Sanctuary

Blundell (aka Dell)

Blundell came to the sanctuary via the No. 5 Rd. shelter. Already frightened and hostile on finding himself in the alien environment of the city shelter, his impression of humans was made even worse by an unfortunate encounter with a nervous volunteer and a broom.

He is now living in the singlewide trailer in a large cage lined with towels and blankets where he has plenty of places to hide.

Although curious to see him, I didn’t exactly have high hopes of a sighting when I went to visit him a couple of weeks ago. Indeed, I found an impressive cat fort complete with warning signs, but no sign of the cat himself.

Today, two weeks later, I was able to at last get a view of our most recent addition to the very angry kitty club. One of his hiding spots may protect him from all eyes inside the singlewide, but the window onto the porch out the back affords an interesting view:

At first I tried to get a “better” shot, one without reflections of a couple of people in the glare. In the end, though, I’m glad I got this particular shot. It makes me think a bit of how a cat like Blundell must see us – not as a couple of volunteers and animal lovers who only want to ensure his comfort and safety, but as some sort of shadowy, two-headed monster looming before him, intentions unknown.

Here’s a photo that Phaedra managed to get today from within the lion’s den. She, as would we all, would love to see him mellow out. A plan of action? Wonder if he likes chicken…

“Dell” by Phaedra