Cat Sanctuary

Birdie (II)

Birdie came to the cat sanctuary via Carol after spending some time at the No. 5 Rd. shelter. There, while he’d shown himself to be a nice boy as far as people were concerned, he just wasn’t getting along with the other cats. This tended not to show him in the most positive light to potential adopters.

He’s mellowed a bit now, with time and with more space to move around in. Still, when a couple of cats saw I was dispensing cuddles and tried to muscle in on what had been Birdie’s cuddle time, he was quick chase each off with a light smack. But then my cat Daphne still does that to her own son when he tries to barge on her cat/human quality time, so I can hardly hold this against Birdie. He just loves the human love too much to share.
June 2017:  After years living at the Sanctuary,
Birdie is happy to report that he has his own home now!