Cat Sanctuary


Bellestar came to the RAPS sanctuary from the same home that brought us Tom CatCoco, and others. I had a chance to meet her (i.e., single her out from all the other black cats living in the front courtyard) this week while she’s in a cage finishing up some treatment for urinary crystals.

Brigid suggested I go and visit her, describing her as very friendly. This turned out to be more than true: not only was Bellestar delighted to receive a visit, any time I stepped out of stroking range she’d start flailing a paw in my direction until her claws found purchase and she was able to drag my hand back close enough to snuffle or rub against.

This resulted in a few unintentional scratches to my hands, but it was impossible to be upset with her since she so obviously didn’t mean any harm. Once I figured out how to stay either within cuddle range or out of claw range, we had an excellent visit that was a great pleasure to us both.