Cat Sanctuary

Beautiful Ollie….

Usually my blogs introduce a cat, or tell a story;  sometimes an update on a previously featured cat will give a new perspective, or show how s/he has progressed.
Not this week…
Ollie came to us three years ago, a victim of his own bad bathroom habits.  His family loved him dearly, but his steadfast refusal to use anything BUT his litterbox finally brought him to the Sanctuary.


He is a truly beautiful cat, and many visitors have asked if we’re really sure he’s not adoptable. Yes, we’re sure – the world is Ollie’s litterbox.  And cat-pee smell can be very hard to get rid of in a house; we do our best at the Sanctuary, but we’re all pretty much inured to it.


So, Ollie’s not changed – but because he is SO photogenic, I thought we’d have a picture-blog on him just to celebrate how beautiful he is!

He’s not the most social of cats – either with people or with other felines.  He has his human favourites, but he’s happiest on his own.
Clean laundry is his favourite thing – if you don’t fill the shelf all the way, Ollie will take possession, and resist being moved.
He’s not really attached to other cats or to people – but he is very much attached to his own tail;  he can often be found curled up in a ball, firmly holding it with his front paws.
Height is his other “thing”; he likes to be where he can look down on the world, and decide for himself whether to come and join us. He can most often be found on the high shelf in the Newcomers area
but if that space is not available, he’s happy to tuck himself into a cat-cave.
We’re currently choosing pictures for the 2021 Calendar;  Ollie was featured in a recent edition and isn’t eligible for the upcoming one, but he is SO photogenic, I suspect he’ll be in the 2022 edition at least…
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Jennine Kariya, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright