Cat Sanctuary


Baloo is a female cat who spends most of her time in the Teen house sitting atop the counter.  Baloo is one of those cats that could easily get overlooked if you weren’t seeking her out.  Although very pretty, as a tabby there is not much to distinguish her between the countless other tabby cats at RAPS.  She is not particularly driven to make her social presence known and didn’t really have much time to entertain my notions of getting to know her better.

Recently, Baloo decided to redesign her little piece of the sanctuary and that has garnered her a lot of two legged attention lately.

Turning her nose up to the abundance of cat beds and blankets throughout the sanctuary and demonstrating a most remarkable sense of ingenuity, Baloo started to pull down sheets of paper towel from a nearby roll holder and line the top of a bucket of cat food that sits on her usual counter top with these paper towels. Essentially, Baloo built herself a little nest.  This mysterious new behaviour that came straight out of the blue caused that staff and volunteers more than a few ooohs, awhs and chuckles.

Baloo was allowed to keep up her nest for a little while but the staff had to eventually put an end to her architectural inspiration as she was using up all the paper towels.  Unfortunately, when I came to take pictures, she stubbornly refused to give me any photographic evidence though I did manage to sneak one picture of her on it while her back was turned.

I visited the Teen house this past Wednesday to see Autumn’s kittens and check on Baloo.  I noticed that someone had strategically placed an empty water bowl on top of the bucket and her little nest was no longer.  So much for ingenuity Baloo.