Cat Sanctuary

Baby, it’s cold outside

Visit the cat sanctuary in the summertime and you’ll see languid felines sprawled all over the warm pavement in the front and back courtyards. When the winter cold comes, particularly with the arctic front we’ve been having this week, the outdoor areas empty as the cats are drawn indoors where it’s kept nice and cozy for them.

photos by Phaedra

Well, almost empty…

 photos by Phaedra

When the sun goes down, outside looks even more frigid.

But doors are kept closed and plastic sheeting put up to shield the porch areas so that the cats have plenty of places to go and keep warm, even the ones who aren’t comfortable coming right inside and getting too close to us human types. And on the porches, you can see the red glow of heat lamps set up to make sure there’s a nice, toasty bed for any cat who wants one, whether they want to claim the entire bed for themselves or snuggle up with a few cuddle buddies.