Cat Sanctuary


April came from the same egg farm on Blundell in Richmond where we got Simone, Bantam and others.

The farm owners had been feeding a number of feral cats on their property. When they moved and knew the place was to be demolished, they were concerned about the cats and asked RAPS to trap and bring them to the sanctuary.

April was very scared at first, but now likes people — though Leslie and Gaye warn that she can still swat on occasion.

When I visited April on Monday, she was a little timid at first, but soon warmed up to me enough to get from her comfy bed for some rubbing and purring. And luckily, no swatting.

April was having such a good time visiting, in fact, that neighboring nappers Asia and Cairo woke up and wanted in on the action (and does anyone know who the black cat lounging in the middle of this group might be?).

April and friends