Cat Sanctuary

Amelia Earheart

Amelia Earheart came to the RAPS sanctuary as a feral youngster with her sister Willow. Both were frightened of humans, but while Willow would climb like a spider along the mesh in the Teens area to get away, Amelia Earheart would express her fright with ears flattened defensively sideways — what some call “airplane ears.”

Later, both cats were moved to the BC Packers pen in the back yard. Willow made good progress and is now willing to accept strokes from human friends. Ann had been working on taming both siblings together, but this work was interrupted by Amelia Earheart’s daring escape under the fence and into the neighbouring pen. This pen is home to ferals even shier than she is, and she seemed to be much happier there, so RAPS staff decided to let her stay where she was.

Amelia Earheart still runs away and stares from a safe distance if approached by a human, but seems quite content with her cat friends. Here she is with Lillian.