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Almost Ready to Go Home

Finneas – now adopted (KN)

This time last year, we brought in a good clowder of cats from Alberta – some of the rescued felines from a large hoarding situation. As usual, we took moms and kittens, who went first to fosterage and then to the Adoption Centre, and we also took “the teens” – the young cats past the easy socialization point. The latter moved into Pen 3, and were introduced in the blog over three installments. A year later, it’s interesting to see the progress that has been made!

Holly (KN)

Tabby Finneas had a lot of handling in the process of some medical care, and became very happy to accept petting and attention. In the spring, he was adopted out with his “brother” Shimmer. This established a guideline that the staff have decided to follow – not to allow these cats to go singly, but only to a home where they can be with a cat they already know, or one that is of similar age and personality. This may be difficult to find in a single-cat home, so we are encouraging potential adopters to adopt as a pair.

Lucius (BC)

Right now, the Adoption Centre is full of wonderful kittens (and a few adults – we were delighted to hear that Thomas, blogged last November, has gone to his own home). And we have been identifying some of the adoptable Sanctuary cats – we really hope that homes can be found for the FIV+ boys.

But a quick visit to the far end of the Sanctuary offers some potential treasures who could steal your heart if you’re prepared to take two of them.

Jenkins (BC)

Lucius has always been one of the most social of this group – both with the other cats and with humans. With other cats, his size sometimes means that he plays rough, but it’s never nasty, and his friends always come back for more. With humans, he loves attention – both gentle petting and belly-rubs; he will hang around until it’s clear you have to go, and then he follows, hoping you’ll change your mind. In spite of his size, he doesn’t seem to be food-motivated; he’s not one of the “gimme chicken” crowd.

Lucius is often found hanging around with his buddy Jenkins. The smaller of the two short-haired tuxedos in the pen, Jenkins is a little shyer with people, but very cat-social. He’s one of the cats who could do with some grooming attention, as his fluffy grey undercoat occasionally bursts through.

Holly begging a little lap-time (BC)

Longer-haired tuxedo Holly really needs a home where she can get regular grooming. She is one of those cats with fine hair that mats if not cared for, and we have occasionally had to shave some hair mats out altogether. Holly is very sweet and affectionate when she trusts; she will allow herself to be picked up and cuddled, and she is happy to be a lap-cat.

Cornelius (KN)

Cornelius is known to everyone – I blogged him as “Everybody’s Friend” and he really is – for cats, at least. He’s more wary with humans; he will allow the odd stroke, but he’s not willing to approach unless food is offered. Normally we might say that he’s not ready for adoption, but he’s so cat-social that he might be fine if he were with a buddy and in a really cat-savvy home.

Jason & Cornelius (BC)

His usual pal is Jason – named because he came to us on Friday the 13th! Jason is a bit easier with humans than Cornelius – painfully so, because he likes to put his paws up on a knee and flex his claws. It’s not meant nastily in any way – he just likes to use us as a scratching post! The two of them can often be found hanging around together.

Mewlius Caesar (KN)

There are several other cats in the pen that might be adoptable – solid tuxedo Baker is part of the crowd, playful Sherbert with his orange eyes, mustachioed Mewlius Caesar – but many of them are still wary, and having other social cats around is probably good for them. Some cats can live with us for years before deciding that yes, they can trust these humans who feed and clean and offer play and petting – and it’s a wonderful feeling when you’re finally trusted like that.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen, Brigid Coult, Karen Nicholson
Featured Image: “Dudes Chilling Park” – cat-style (LBF), Cornelius, Jenkins, Sherbet