Cat Sanctuary

All They Want for Christmas

Percival & Sweetpea love their treats! (LBF)

Have you bought a gift for your cat(s)?

In the middle of dealing with a long-as-your-arm Christmas list, there’s probably no cat-lover who’s not taken time to find something for the cat.

Gizmo says “All mine!” (ML)

It might be something tasty – a can of quality cat-food (which they will probably refuse), a packet of treats, a tube of Churru…

It might be something to play with – a wand toy, a ball – or, you can seldom go wrong with catnip…

Tyson having fun (KN)

Munch practices his hunting skills on a ball (KN)

Cuddles is minimally cuddlier with a little ‘nip (KN)

It’s likely that what will appeal most is your left-overs – the empty box, the shredded Christmas paper…

Nova unwrapped (BC)

Bossanova says “I feel so overdressed…” (BC)

But, as the Sanctuary cats will tell you, the greatest gift is not found in a store – it’s in the heart of true friends.

Jenkins & Baker (LBF)

Kelvin & Cheddar (LBF)

Cornelius, Lucius, Jason & William Shakespurr (LBF)


Tugboat and Plum (KN)

Meowy Christmas from the cats!

and from Brigid, Lisa, Karen, Moira and all the staff and volunteers at RAPS Cat Sanctuary…

Featured Image: Picasso’s a Manitoba boy – all he wants is a white Christmas!  (LBF)

A sweet birthday kiss for Tuggy (KN)