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Adoptions: Cow, Ricky & Cleo, Wonder

Some happy news as we start off the month of June:

A little while ago, we were able to bid farewell and good luck to our black & white charmer, Cow. I hear his acceptance of the resident cat in his new home is still a work in progress, but his new owner has enough experience with shelter cats to give him time.


Our “together forever” pair Ricky & Cleo were at last able to be adopted out – together! They went to their new home last weekend.

Ricky photo by Phaedra

Cleo photo by Phaedra

And finally, our nearly blind miracle kitten Wonder went to her new home on Tuesday. From her odds-beating rescue from the side of a road to being given the eventual all clear for leukemia, she’s a pretty amazing girl. And that’s not even beginning to describe her cheerful, loving personality.

Wonder reaching up for hugs

 Wonder sitting pretty

As much as we’ll miss all these cats, it’s wonderful to see them go to the forever homes they deserve.