Cat Sanctuary


There’s nothing really special about Nelson’s story, but I find that in itself makes him worthy of a little extra attention.

He came to RAPS 7 or 8 years ago, likely after being surrendered. He’s always been a nice cat, but since he doesn’t try to initiate contact with humans like some of our more outgoing residents, he doesn’t get much attention from people.

With other cats, he has even less luck. Leslie says he sometimes get into fights because some of the other cats just don’t seem to like him, almost as if there’s a vibe he gives off that they object to.

Since he never pushed himself forward for me to notice him, I’m ashamed to say that until this week I was one of the many who tended to pass him by.

He’s currently in a cage while being treated for a cold. I gave him a little pat along with his dinner, as I do with the caged cats who don’t look likely to shred me for my troubles. Rarely have I seen a response of such gentle delight: I barely had to touch him before he was beaming at me and kneading the air with his paws. After that, it was all purrs and rubs.

It makes me wonder – how many other shelter cats allow themselves to get passed over because they don’t think to speak until they’re spoken to?