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Mango Tango

by Pauline Chin Look! A big orange cat came right up to me. He must be as nice as he looks!  NOT! Like other large or attractive cats, people often wonder why they’re here at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary. If only their...
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A Day for Chance

Chance in 2009  (BD) Chance (formally Last Chance) – was an early acquaintance for me when I discovered RAPS. He was in many ways the archetypal scruffy stray, and not a cat that would easily find a home. The Sanctuary was Chance’s home,...
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Pen 2 Pals

Calvin on “his” doorstep  (MW) Some cats are strongly territorial – not in the sense that they will defend their territory, but that they establish their space and stay there. In some areas in the Sanctuary that is enforced, of course –...
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The Great Escape

Well, strictly speaking, it wasn’t an escape (or it was one carefully planned by the staff.)  But the cats think it was an escape. Mitzi musing on the outdoor experience  (KN) Visitors to the Double-Wide will find there are several barriers to access. The...
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Creston and Banff

Creston & Banff This pair journeyed all the way from Alberta where they lived in a hoarder’s house with many other animals.  Being leukemia kitties, they had no place to go, so it’s off to the Sanctuary to join the FeLV+ cats...
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Three Double-Wide Scaredy-Cats

Kin  (MW) Visitors at the weekend are often surprised by how many cats there aren’t – at least to their immediate sight. The usual social ones are front and centre, and love having attention.  Others may spend a little time being fussed, and then...
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