Cat Sanctuary


Zoe is another of the 6 cats brought from the same home and, from what I gather, her former owner’s favorite. If Daphne was the princess in this little group, Zoe was the queen.

When I started visiting my two at the shelter, I unfortunately threw off the balance of power a bit, with the little princess thinking that with all this attention she was now the favorite and should have a shot at alpha status. Zoe did not agree. Fortunately, their personalities being as they are, these disagreements never seemed to escalate beyond the level of claws-free slaps in the face.

Although around the same age as Snowball (9), Zoe is more outgoing and will sometimes come to greet people rather than waiting passively for them to come to her. She doesn’t insist on being the alpha female in her new, expanded area of operation, but she gives the impression that she can hold her own.

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