Cat Sanctuary


Ziggy is the brother of sweet, needy, noisy Booster.

Ziggy is back after spending the past year at the RAPS city shelter on No. 5 Rd. The sign on his cage says he’s “been peeing where he shouldn’t.”

Sanctuary staff thought it might help him reacclimatize if he shared a cage with his sister for a while. Having not seen each other in a year, it took the two a little while to get reacquainted, but it seems they soon started acting like a normal – human – brother and sister: Booster ignores her brother and steals his bed for herself, while Ziggy is much more interested in inhaling their shared dinner.

He’s very sweet and likes a cuddle, although it can be hard to get his attention when there’s some wet food to be polished off. Waving a dish does get his attention, but tends to result in poses like the one below: