Cat Sanctuary


Yoda was surrendered to RAPS a number of years ago. A friendly, attractive boy, Leslie says they had no trouble finding him an adoptive home. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and the people eventually returned him, citing “soiling problems.”

We’re not sure what set this off, but Leslie suspects there may have been other animals in the home. For cats who are picky with the company they keep, having to deal with unwanted furry roommates can sometimes prove intolerable. And Yoda is not overfond of other cats.

Is he a known sprayer at the sanctuary? No, says Leslie. “I’ve never seen him spray at our place. Maybe he thinks there’s no point. His wonderful personal scent would just be overwhelmed by everyone else’s!”

Her thought is that he’d be “a wonderful cat friend for someone with no other pets.”
He would make a wonderful cat friend – always inquisitive, friendly and up for a cuddle.

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