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People who prefer dogs to cats often cite cats’ independence and aloofness as a reason. And yet people who know cats in all their flavours are well aware that “aloof” is not always the word of the day.

It seems that this cat’s would-be adopter could have gone with someone a little less determinedly affectionate.



Here’s the skinny on Winnie, provided by our sanctuary cat expert, Leslie (originally published in The Love Blog, July 2009):

“Winnie was found at a gun club in Richmond (She was named after the Winchester rifle.). RAPS has a feeding site there and has taken in several cats from that location over the years. The gun club is near a marina, and we believe some of the cats were abandoned off boats. Winnie is an extremely affectionate cat with an instant purr. She was adopted briefly several years ago, but returned because the person found her “too needy.” Soon after she returned to the sanctuary, we learned that she was an unpredictable girl who suddenly bit people on the nose when they snuggled her. We believe, though, that our beautiful blue-eyed girl has given up that behaviour, as we haven’t witnessed it in a very long time.”

Winnie is another one of those cats who can be hard to photograph because she’s too busy trying to cuddle up to the photographer.

Here she is madly kneading her bed as she waits for me to stop fiddling with my camera and start softing her again:

So, I suppose we could say guilty as charged for being affectionate. I was surprised to hear about the nose biting, though. Like Love Blogger Barbara, I’ve never seen her dish out more than a little love bite to the fingers. And purr upon purr…

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