Cat Sanctuary

Winky and Sparkle

Some cats that have been surrendered from loving homes adjust quickly to life at the sanctuary, while others really seem to struggle with the dramatic downturn in their lives. Sparkle and Winky represent one of each possibility. Their owner had to move to a care home last year and couldn’t take her beloved cats with her.

Winky & Sparkle – MW

Sparkle and Winky were both mature cats (13 and 12 years old, respectively), which usually means that a move away from their familiar surroundings and special person is particularly stressful for them.

Winky – MW

Winky adjusted quite well, especially after a good grooming session to get rid of some “tangles”. She is another of those unusual  all-orange females with maybe some Manx in her family tree, given her stubby tail.  She seemed quite relaxed and even happy at the Sanctuary almost right from the start.

Winky – MM

Unfortunately, it was a different story for Sparkle.

Sparkle – MW

Although very friendly and accepting of whatever attention came her way, Sparkle remained withdrawn and seemed depressed for some time. Fortunately,  once staff and volunteers, including the kitty comforters, noticed her mood and began to single her out for special loving attention, Sparkle started to look a bit more cheerful. She began to explore her new surroundings, mingle with the other cats and she discovered the comfy chairs on the sunny deck of the Moore trailer.

Sparkle – PH

Then, something really wonderful happened to Sparkle to make up for her past loss – she went to a new home with volunteer Katie and her family!  Sparkle became instant best friends with the family’s 18-year old calico cat, Maggie – a huge surprise since Maggie has never been known as a “cat enthusiast”, despite being a cat herself.  The two of them spend a lot of time hanging out on the bed in their own little calico-cat-club.  Sparkle has turned out to be a very social and outspoken cat who loves to greet her new family and their guests at the front door and tell them all about her day.

Sparkle – KS

She even joins in the cooking, meowing away while pawing at legs for pats and wakes up her new family every morning by pawing at hands, legs or hair – perhaps her way of returning the favour of being petted so much herself these days?

Winky – PH

Winky spent only a little effort wondering where her pal Sparkle went but then continued to cruise along placidly at the Cat Sanctuary, still “pleasantly plump” and seemingly content with life in the Moore trailer. She’s very affectionate and loves being fussed over and brushed.   She  hasn’t been fortunate enough yet to find her own forever home but Katie visits her often to let her know that her cat buddy Sparkle is loved and well taken care of.

Blog by Marianne Moore & Kathleen Scraggs
Photos by Phaedra Hardman, Marianne Moore, Kathleen Scraggs & Michele Wright
UPDATE – May 2014 – Winky has gone to her own home. Happy days, sweet girl!