Cat Sanctuary

Whiskas Gideon

Whiskas Gideon is another cat who came to us via fellow rescue group VOKRA. He’d been hanging around a family’s home for a number of years and they’d been putting food out for him. If I’ve got the story right, it sounds like a neighbour wasn’t as delighted to have a stray cat hanging around, and so the people hoped to entice the shy kitty to live in their heated garage… but he just wasn’t comfortable staying in there.

VOKRA helped trap him, and a trip to the vet revealed he’s FIV positive. This meant he couldn’t be allowed to continue roaming around the neighborhood. Since he’d rejected the idea of living in the family’s garage, RAPS was asked to take him in at the cat sanctuary.

When I first met him, he was still in a cage while he adjusted to his new surroundings. He was very shy, and while he allowed me to stroke him, it was obvious he wasn’t comfortable receiving attention from a stranger. He did readily accept his dinner plus any treats I gave him, though, and ate while I was sitting there.

A week later, I found him out of his cage and settled down in a nice comfy chair. He’s still not entirely sure how much he wants to be my pal, but he’s already looking a lot more comfortable with his surroundings.