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Update: RAPS alumni Alec

Back in April, Alec was an anxious newcomer living in the Connor building and trying to decide if humans were really scary or just kind of scary. Marianne was able to get close enough to discover he was quite fond of tummy rubs, but with many others he preferred to stare from a comfortable distance.

Stephanie, who already had one semi-feral cat at home, was undaunted by the idea of a cat who’d need a lot of patience and love before he became trusting and loving in return. And so in July, she took Alec home to live with her and her other cat, Honey.

We’ve been tracking Alec’s progress on Stephanie’s Facebook page as he settles in and negotiates peace with Honey. Here are a few selections from her posts:

“Alec is ‘home’. Doesn’t appear to be upset. Sitting on the window sill.”
“Honey has mounted guard outside the mesh door to where Alec is living!”
“Just had a visit with Alec and managed to tempt him with Max Cat Dry… he ate about 6 pieces, it’s a start! He sat on the chair below the window and thought about jumping up to hide behind the curtains, but he resisted and he had a good chin rub.
Honey is watching him from the door again!”
“This a.m. couldn’t see Alec. I wondered where he was. He usually sits in the window or on the chair. I noticed some movement under bed covers. There he was all curled up and comfy.”
“I think there is a breakthrough with Honey and Alec. Honey is starting to tolerate him! She was on the couch watching him play with her toy mouse. Still chases him but not always. He is very quick on his feet!”

“Looks like I’m going to have to change furniture around in Living Room. Alec and Honey have taken up all the couch! I’m stuck sitting at the computer.”


So it seems that Alec has settled in quite nicely. As for the Alec/Honey truce, that may be a work in progress for a little while yet. Responding to comments about the picture above, Stephanie says that at the time, “Honey was settling down for her afternoon nap and not very energetic. Both are feral, Honey about 85% tame and Alec I think is about 35% tame. Honey is ready to give chase any time now.”

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