Cat Sanctuary

Update – OJ

Can you spot the kitty?

Yes, OJ is still feral and still not big on the trust. This was as close as I could get this week:

Others have had somewhat better luck, though, including Ann who’s managed to entice him to accept a few pats. She’s even heard him purr.

Step 1: Apply salmon.

Photo by Ann

Step 2: Commence petting.

Photo by Ann

She makes it sound so simple! Still, we recommend leaving this move to the professionals for the time being — during a patting session last week, another feral sitting nearby spooked OJ, resulting in either OJ or the other cat coming flying out at Ann in attack mode. I think all involved were rattled by the experience, but it sounds like Ann’s already forgiven the cats, and I’m sure OJ is still open to to salmon-flavoured bribes.