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Update: Morresy (and too many kittens)

Remember poor, bedraggled Morresy from back in June?

By later in the summer, his ears had healed and his fur grown in enough that he could be sent to the No. 5 Rd. shelter for adoption. I was sorry to see him go, but looked forward to writing a post-adoption, RAPS Alumni post on him.

And then on Monday night, who should I find installed back in the doublewide but Morresy.

No, no sudden behavioral problems cropped up at the other shelter. The problem turned out to be nothing to do with Morresy, but still pretty much ruined his chance of getting adopted for now.

Three words: Too. Many. Kittens.

Kitten season is apparently rather late this year and local shelters, 5 Rd. included, are finding themselves overwhelmed. The CBC even ran a story yesterday about how the Surrey SPCA is “overrun with cats.” Go to for the video story.



RAPS currently has many kittens at the 5 Rd. shelter plus a few at the sanctuary and even at Carol’s home. Here are a few of the ones currently at the sanctuary, where staff are working with them to tame them up a bit so they can eventually be adopted.








Unfortunately, with all these kittens it can be hard to get people interested in seriously considering one of the adult cats waiting for a forever home. And of those who are interested, there are also a whole lot of adult cats to choose from.

And so Morresy waited and waited at 5 Rd., but nobody really looked at him. Getting consistently passed over and missing the human fan club he’d enjoyed at the sanctuary too, he wasn’t the happiest boy.


Now he’s back at the sanctuary and couldn’t be more pleased. Anyone who remembers the quivering ball of pathetic-ness he was when he was first brought in and worked with him then can’t help treating him as a special boy. Which, of course, he doesn’t mind in the slightest.

He’ll be sent back to 5 Rd. for another chance at adoption later on, but until then, we’ll just enjoy keeping those happy purrs and paw stretches coming.

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