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Update: Jingles

When I introduced Jingles last month, she was doing her best to act the part of The Cat Who Hates Everybody. I’m pleased to report that, for the moment, her disposition seems to be improving.

… somewhat.

She still hates having to deal with the multitude of other cats at the shelter, for example. She’s out of her cage, finally (shelter staff had tried to get her used to being out before, but it just didn’t stick), and will accept or even ask for a little attention… just as long as there are no other cats nearby.

I did a strange dance with her last week –  She’d call me over to pat her, I’d do as she asked until other cats wanting similar attention would start moving in, at which point I’d have to jump clear just before she switched into hissing-clawing mode, the interlopers would scatter, she’d call me over to pat her again, I’d do so… and so on.

This week she’d found herself a nice soft perch and was acting so normal, mellow even, that for a moment I wondered if it was even her. I continued to wonder if I’d mistaken her markings until another cat reached up to see if there was room left on the perch and was promptly and sharply rebuffed.

As for me, far from being rebuffed, I was allowed to soft her at length. I suspect she thought about swatting me once or twice, just for old time’s sake, but in the end it seemed she couldn’t be bothered. Instead, she slowly relaxed into a contented purr followed by a contented nap.

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