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Update from Mack Cat

When we first met nice senior gentleman cat Mack back in the spring, we thought for sure he’d be living at the sanctuary for good. We were delighted when a lovely lady named Annette discovered him and decided to open her home to him.

Here is a special update on how Mack is doing in his new home, presented to us by Mr. Mack Cat himself! A big thank you to Annette, his “lady carer,” for passing it along for him. The accompanying photos are provided the lady carer as well.

MEOW!!! I got adopted !!! I’m so happy & so excited, I got a sofa & a king size bed a garden & oohhhh I don’t know what else to tell you I got !! But I,d better tell you first what happened, I’m getting my paws in front of my tail!!!

One of the volunteers at RAPS was very concerned about me , as I wasn’t happy at the Sanctuary, they were very nice to me, but I didn’t want to be there!! So I stamped my paws & didn’t eat much or groom myself & was looking a little raggedy to say the least! I could tell the volunteer cared about me as she started to come & see me every day, which was lovely — I felt very special. After all  it’s not very nice having a notice on your cage saying you will be there forever!

One day she came with a man & put me in one of those boxes they carry you around in & put me in the car with them & we went for a ride. I thought I was going home with them so was very well behaved!! But we went to the cat doctors & they left me there!!!!! I must confess I was a bit scared then. I must have gone to sleep for a while cause when I woke up I didn’t have any more knotted fur!! It felt very comfortable.

The man & lady returned & took me for a car ride again, I didn’t dare guess where we were going this time! We went into a house & they opened the carrying box for me to get out, I saw a sofa which looked very comfy, so I immediately jumped on it ( ignoring my basket they had bought from RAPS for me !). Since then I have been jumping on sofas, jumping on beds, walking in the garden, being a picky eater & all those things cats do when they have a furever home.


My fur has grown back nicely now & I groom myself & am looking very handsome. I’ve got a furever home. What every cat should have! Meow!!! I’ve even got a Facebook page!!! If you want to see how I’m doing, check me out—-Mack Cat!!

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