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Under the Radar and Overhead – part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s blog by Pauline Chin.

Blackie – PC

Blackie has lived in the single wide for years!  Funny thing is that he hasn’t had a blog entry until now.  He looks like a shiny, mini panther with a thin tail who patrols the shelves.  Blackie doesn’t really jive with the other cats, nor has he joined the dryer gang.  He likes petting when he’s in the mood.  He’ll slap people if they wake him from naps, which happens very frequently.  Serve him wet food and he’s happy.

Traveller – PC

Traveller has chosen the mostly-feral life.  He’s a tad rough around the edges, kind of like black Fable with bedhead.  They both live overhead in the double wide.  While acclimating, he was nearly untouchable and hid inside his carrier.  Nowadays, he’s content enough to quietly watch us from up high.  Unlike most of the ferals, Traveller hasn’t hidden himself on the rear deck.  Being black makes the perfect camouflage!  Perhaps there’s something or someone in the trailer he wants to be near?

Stevie – MW

In Pen 4, this big fluffy boy can be spotted from outside.  Stevie has a lot of rust in his long black coat.  Like most of Pen 4, he avoids humans.  If you peer through the fence, you might just catch him sitting on the porch with his friends.  As soon as the gate is unlatched, the residents make a mad dash for the bushes.  He’s not into playthings, but moves fast.  He’ll come forward if you leave food and back away.  He insists on having a large gap and staring from afar.

Steele – BC

Just occasionally you will find a long-haired black boy in the back courtyard, who ISN’T Lindor or Ruff. If he looks at you in horror, and runs to hide, it’s probably (Remington) Steele. We give detective names to the cats who find us; Steele, who cat-burgled his way in to the Sanctuary, likes the safety, but still isn’t so sure about the humans.

Kermit – PC

With Pen 8 open, Kermit can be found wandering the back courtyard.  He’s a shy boy with a round face, greenish eyes, and medium-sized body.  He’s never found a replacement for his late buddy, Splotch.  When Splotch was present, Kermit would play, approach, and rub our legs with no hesitation.  Without Splotch’s company, he’s been keeping to himself.  He’s not that enticed by food or toys.  When approached by humans, he’ll stare like a deer in the headlights before taking off.  Unlike the other Pen 8 cats, Kermit has taken advantage of the newly found freedom.  I’ve found him looking at Pen 4 and playing in the long grass in Pen 5.  Hopefully, with all the new arrivals, Kermit will find a good friend with whom he can roam.

Black cat face-off – MW

While it’s not easy to recognize a black cat that prefers to hide from humans, if you take the time to truly know a shy or feral cat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive changes.  My own feral favourite, Luke, (black with a tipped ear) has long passed but I joyfully recall the days when I heard his little feet sprinting towards me from overhead.  When befriending a feral, you might be the only human they share a bond with.  That bond cannot be predicted or forced, but it can mean a radiant world to that small, furry soul.  It’s so special, you could even say, “This is my lucky black cat!”

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Pauline Chin, Brigid Coult,  Michele Wright