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Two Old Gentleman Cats

This week’s blog is offered by Kitty Comforter Pauline Chin. Pauline introduces us to two old boys who like the DoubleWide cages they were first offered so much that they insist on remaining in them, even though the doors are wide open.

Binx holding court – BC

Many of our cats are long time residents. Our youngest ones are around 2 years old; while our oldest may be in their twenties. Most of our current cats average between 12-15 years. They are in various states of health; some need help in the form of daily medication, while others act like playful kittens. Every cat receives love and attention everyday. Yes, a perk of the volunteer job is enjoying feline company after the shift!

Binx seeking attention – PH

Binx is a 17 year old black kitty who arrived from 5 Road last year. His amber eyes make him unique, since most of our blackies sport yellow eyes. Binx loves a warm lap and quiet time.  He is not as spry as his younger days, as we are reminded by a sign in his cage that reads, “Binx is not an athlete. Please keep his chair next to the shelf.” If his chair is moved, he looks at us with big pleading eyes, “Someone moved my chair! How do I get up or down?”

“Don’t move that chair!” – BC

With some coaxing, he does take up a spot on the couch. He’ll sit up straight, puff his chest out, and make the perfect photo op. These days, he can also be found on the mattress on the double wide deck. Binx is friendly and knows his name, but don’t expect a warm welcome from the other semi-ferals on the deck. Benji, Jolene, Mary, and Ringo do not enjoy the company of humans.

Deenie says “This is MY box – ask before you visit!” – BC

Another elderly black kitty who arrived last year is Deenie. He has yellow eyes, a white whisker on each side of his face, and grey-black fur. He’s about the same age as Binx. He’s also a homebody, preferring his cage over anything else. Once in a while, he walks outside and rolls around on the warm tiles.

That sun feels good on the belly! – KN

Deenie’s backstory involves coming from a household with 2 younger cats who terrorized him, forcing him to hide.  His owners felt this was a much better place for him.  He spent his time acclimating to the place in one of the middle cages.  Apparently, he was so great at hiding in the shadows of a box, he needed a sign that said, “Please feed Deenie”. Though he doesn’t much like being brushed, he tolerates short attempts on our part to keep his coat from getting too matted.  One privilege our older cats get is… they don’t have to groom themselves; we groom them.  Give him time and the right amount of attention, and the reward is lots of headbutts and paws on the shoulder. There’s just something magical about being acknowledged by a cat, especially one that may not appear friendly at first.


No matter what age a cat is, they have a place at the Sanctuary to spend their golden years. Some of these cats really are enjoying the best years of their lives as they’re guaranteed food, shelter, safety, toys, and human attention everyday.  The happy memories we create and the photos we take last our lifetime. We never know when they’re going to go, so young or old, we treat them like gold.
Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Karen Nicholson