Cat Sanctuary


Treacle arrived at the sanctuary at the beginning of March, left by the driveway in a carrier with a note saying something about pooping outside the litterbox that had been going on for a long time and for no reason the vet could identify. The writer of the note hadn’t wanted to euthanize her, so they left her there assuming one of our staff would find her and take her in. Luckily, they did.

When she arrived, Treacle was very upset. The sign on her cage advised people to move slowly and quietly around her. Leaving her home must have been a most unwelcome shock, particularly since she seems to be one of those cats who hates other cats. And her cage was right next to Rita, one of our most famous cat-haters. I hear Rita managed to pull aside the blanket keeping them from each other’s view and they proceeded to try to get one another through the partition. Now Treacle’s cage is fully obscured from prying cat eyes and she’s a lot more relaxed.

However she might feel about fellow felines, Treacle loves people and, despite having never met me before, was delighted by my visit. She rubbed her head against everything in reach, had me watch her eat for a bit, then capsized for a good, happy wriggle. She’s a beautiful girl who will soon win herself more than a few admirers among the sanctuary staff and volunteers.



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