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Tootsie, the tuxedo girl, arrived early this summer. She was surrendered due to inappropriate urination issues and it was discovered that she had a wound on her hindquarters that refused to heal.  Less than a month into her stay, staff were noticing her cage door was open frequently. It turns out, she’s another escape artist!


We’ve had cats chew their way out of a cage, squeeze through a gap, force a loose door open, and make a dash for an open door. Tootsie is the first one sneaky enough to unlock her door.  For a couple of weeks, her lock was duct taped over.  It seemed to prevent her from unlatching it…


It wasn’t long before she was finally free to roam.  She is a sweetheart with a loud purr.  Once you pet her, her purr motor can be heard across the room.


She is entirely accepting of attention, but she doesn’t beg for it, either.  As for feline company… she welcomes other kitties in her space, but she stays on her toes when passing by other cats.  Most surrendered cats are either agitated or depressed on arrival because they can’t be with their human family anymore.  In addition, their surroundings are brand new and filled with so many different smells, living creatures, and noises.  It’s understandable if they just want to hide behind a curtain for a month or two.  Unlike those cats, Tootsie seemed friendly from the start.

Watch out, world – here comes Tootsie! – KN

Tootsie goes for strolls outside regularly and is curious enough to investigate the planters.  Perhaps rousing her curiosity is the way to her heart?  When it’s naptime, she returns to her cage.  What a great way to enjoy the summer!


Independent, intelligent, inquisitive, and lovable is how I would describe her.  She has the classy tuxedo look, too!  With those qualities, I would not be surprised if she was adopted out within a year from now.  Come get to know her, if you haven’t already.  She’s happy to be kept entertained.

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Pauline Chin & Karen Nicholson