Cat Sanctuary


Tiny came from the same home that brought us Creampuff. Even so, Tiny didn’t have much time for her elder housemate when they both found themselves installed in the kitten trailer upon their arrival at the sanctuary. Apparently, there may have even been some slapping involved.


According to Ann, Tiny used to have much more in common with Rita than she did with Creampuff when it came to her enthusiastic dislike of other cats. She’s mellowed with time, though, and has been seen to let another cat pass by her without expressing her displeasure with a swat and an emphatic voice that Ann likens to Bette Davis.

One this Tiny does like is attention from humans. A cuddle and a nice warm lap to curl up in, and she’s a happy girl. But Ann says she’s another one of those cats who tend to get passed over. Curse of the black cat strikes again?


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