Cat Sanctuary


Tinkerbell ended up with RAPS after being abandoned at a cat show.









After all the cat carriers went on their way with the assorted breeders and enthusiasts, there was one carrier left behind. The show organizers checked in with registrants to see if anyone was missing a cat, but it seemed that nobody was. RAPS was called and in she came.


A peculiar gait when viewed from behind revealed a broken leg, which our vet said was an old injury, long since set at whatever angle it naturally ended up and healed. In any case, it doesn’t seem to slow Tinkerbell down at all.

Tinkerbell’s other distinguishing feature is the collar she wears as an indication that Tinkerbell can sometimes be Tinkerbite. Interestingly, though, while she’s said to have bitten someone some time ago, I haven’t yet found anyone who’s known her to do it recently. She visited with me this evening while I was working at the sink and could scarcely have been friendlier.


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