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Three K Cats

Keilana – on a rare outing – JM

Inevitably, with the number of cats we have, there are name duplication’s – Bobby’s and Sophie’s and Katie’s have come and gone.  The current replication (in different forms) is Keke – and it comes in three very different cats.

Kiko in “Don’t Disturb Me” mode – MM

The oldest one is Kiko, who lived in the Moore House for some time. She was a pretty grumpy cat, but with much work from the Kitty Comforters, she decided that humans weren’t too bad after all.

Breakthrough! – Kiko asking for petting – MM

It was felt that a bit more socializing might help, and she was transferred to Pen 6 with the Candy Cats, where she initially took up residence on a shelf and declined to come out.

Kiko still prefers her box, but is happier about coming out. BC

The med staff kept an eye on her and made sure she was eating, and we knew she was warm and comfy there. Eventually she emerged – usually when humans were around – and demanded attention.

Keeping a wary eye on the younger cats – BC

She doesn’t want a lot of petting, but she likes acknowledgement of her presence. With the warmer weather, she enjoys finding a sunny spot and toasting her old bones.

Kiko says “You may pet me now…” BC

She doesn’t care much for the other cats, but she’ll ignore them if they leave her alone, and mostly it’s only Cadbury who can be a bit of a brat to her.

Keilana’s very wary with visitors – human or feline… BC

The prettiest of the three lives in the area we call Newcomers – an area that’s not open to visitors on a Sunday, and is home to many of our shyer cats. Keilana, also known as KeKe, is a long-haired calico, and shy with both cats and humans. Her cage has been open for some time but she’s reluctant to leave its safety, and she doesn’t even like to come down to the floor for food.

That’s a yawn, not a snarl…! BC

She’s around 13 years old, and came to us because she was not getting on with the family dog – watching her, it’s pretty obvious that she’s one of those cats who needs to be a One and Only.

A rare excursion to the front of the cage… MW

She will interact with humans without any aggression, but it’s clear that she’d rather remain at a distance until she feels secure.

KeKe watching anxiously for dinner – BC

KeKe (II) is a more recent arrival in the Double Wide, coming to us as an 11 year old cat when her owner died. For a while we changed her name to Kiwi, so as not to confuse her with Keilana’s pet name, but we reverted to the original sounds she knew. She has the most beautiful golden eyes.

lovely eyes… – BC

She’s a sweet bobtail girl who is also diabetic, and the med staff are still working to stabilize her diet and insulin.  We have several diabetic cats, and because there is a degree of free-feeding, it’s really important that we monitor them carefully. Keke is wary, but friendly with visitors, and might be a possible adoptee to someone with experience in dealing with diabetes.

This is MY chair, human – you may stand! – BC

Kiko is too old for more changes to her life, but the two KeKes are both cats who would be more comfortable in a home with someone to adore them as The Only Cat, rather than being surrounded by other felines.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, the late Marianne Moore, Jill Morisset, Michele Wright