Cat Sanctuary

The Secret Drinkers

Every day, two teams of volunteers move through the Sanctuary: the morning team focused on cleaning, and the afternoon one on feeding. Some cats rely on the moisture in wet food for fluid intake; others are glad of the many water-bowls scattered around the complex. Part of the duty for both teams is the cleaning and refilling of water-bowls. In the double-wide alone there are 10 large bowls plus a smaller one in each cage – whether the cage is in use or open to roaming felines – and similarly in other areas. There are even a couple of cat-fountains around for the fussy ones who like their water to be moving.

And then there are the REALLY fussy ones:

Those who wait for a puddle, so they can drink out of it

Those who prefer to dabble a paw – in this case, into a water-jug, which takes real determination.

or who perhaps favour the gardening flavour of a watering can

Those who follow the water-crew around so that they can drink out of the bucket of used water

Who goes first?

Me first…. and now you….

Those who just can’t wait for the tap to be turned on

Those who prefer to join the volunteers at tea-time

And those who want something a little stronger than water

(Lest you fear we have an alcoholic cat on our hands, this was at a summer party – and the cup was actually empty!)

Blog: Brigid Coult
Photos: Brigid Coult & Michele Wright