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Sweet Pea

A little calico manx with a trilled squeak of a miaow, Sweet Pea is indeed a sweetie of a cat.

Unfortunately, she suffers from the same birth defect that PeeWee has, causing her to leave a tiny yellow puddle or other offering anywhere she’s paused. So once again, watch out for your feet.

According to the story provided by Lisa and posted on The Love Blog, a would-be adopter took in the little foundling and spent several months cleaning up after her before finally having to surrender her to RAPS.

The name Sweet Pea really seems to suit her. Still, my Japanese friend Ayako has got me calling her and other cats at RAPS with similar colouring by the nickname of mike-chan (mike is pronounced mee-keh) from mike neko (三毛猫), meaning “3 colour cat” in Japanese. In North America, we refer to them as calico.

An interesting note about calicos: they are almost exclusively female. Apparently, it’s impossible to get the black, white and orange pattern without two X chromosomes.

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