Cat Sanctuary

Sponsor a RAPS cat – for less than $1 a day!

There are a lot of things you could spend your money on. Are there any that would make you feel as good as knowing that you are saving and improving the life of an animal?

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary has a sponsorship program that invites anyone to sponsor one of our cats. This is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the life of an animal.

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is home to almost 400 cats. Each one is an individual, with specific needs. Some have a medical condition, such as diabetes, feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus or age-related conditions like hyperthyroidism and kidney issues. Other cats are unable to control their bodily functions or have behavioural issues that make them unsuitable for most family homes.

In many other jurisdictions, many or most of these cats would have been euthanized. But RAPS has a no-kill promise. Under our care, no animal is ever euthanized due to lack of space, treatable illness, physical defect, age, rectifiable behavioural or socialization issues.

Of course, keeping this promise takes money and resources. We depend on the people who share our vision to help us deliver the best possible lives to the cats in our care.

Because the RAPS Cat Sanctuary has been operating for many years, many of the residents are now older and require ongoing medical care. Thanks to the opening of the new RAPS Animal Hospital, veterinary care is now more accessible and affordable than before. But there are still expenses incurred, as well as food, litter, staffing time and building maintenance.

As the sponsor of a Sanctuary cat, you will know that you are helping to improve the life of a wonderful animal. But there are other perks that come with sponsorship too.

  • You will receive a sponsorship certificate accompanied by a letter with information about the sponsored cat
  • You will receive a VIP membership at the RAPS Animal Hospital, entitling you to 25% off all in-house veterinary services in 2018.
  • You will receive a ‘Feline Friend Card’, offering free admission to the the Cat Sanctuary during opening hours (Sunday 1PM-4PM)
  • Knowing that you are helping to feed and care for one of our ~400 cats!

And all of this costs less than a dollar a day.

Ideally, we would like to have every cat in the Sanctuary sponsored by an individual or family that shares our commitment to allowing even unadoptable cats to live their lives surrounded by love and comfort.

Follow our social media — Facebook and Twitter — to see cats that are available for sponsorship each week. Or click here to sponsor a cat today. Or phone us at 604-242-1661 or email us at to discuss sponsorship!