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Spencer and Lucy

There are a surprising number of cats around the Sanctuary who are described as “Donni cats”. They date back about ten years or so, when a hoarding situation was brought to our attention, and the collection of cats and kittens came into our care. Their “owner” loved them dearly, but was incapable of caring for them and was forced to move.

Donnie and her loves

In the years that followed, she was a regular visitor, always bringing treats, and spending time sitting among her feline family, giving them petting, grooming and much love. Even through her final illness, she managed to make some visits, and her name is inscribed one one of the benches in the back courtyard.

Spencer – CP

Among the kittens that first came to us were two black-and-white bundles, who were named Spencer and Lucy. Both grew into solid cats, and were among a group that was adopted out about a year later. Unfortunately the adopter had just too many cats for the amount of space, and territorial wrangling led to a certain amount of peeing. Some of the cats came back to us at the Sanctuary, and among them were Spencer and Lucy.

Lucy – MW

Initially Spencer settled down well; it was Lucy who hid in fear much of the time.  Eventually it was decided to try her in a different area, and the siblings were separated. They hadn’t shown much sign of being bonded, and Lucy decided that the tea-room suited her – though she was still diffident about much human attention.

Spencer – MW

In the years since, both have become fixtures among the feline population – and frequent greeters at their respective gates. Spencer is actually the more shy of the two; he’s part of the crowd but not a cat that comes easily for petting. He enjoys it when treats are offered, but prefers not to take them from a human hand – which means that often someone like Jake will nip in and steal the tidbit!  His distinctively flecked right eye colour makes him easy to identify when snuggled in with the other darker cats in the papasan chair outside the single-wide.

Lancelot & Spencer – BC

Lucy has claimed the passage just beyond the gate into the back area, and is frequently found to be greeting visitors. She enjoys attention more than her brother.

Lucy – PH

Both have somewhat dense fur that really needs grooming to stay in good condition; when you put Spencer next to his buddy Lancelot, you notice the difference in appearance. He’s hard to groom, though, whereas Lucy enjoys the attention (if not the comb, so much!). Visitors and Kitty Comforters – this is your challenge!

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Chris Peters & Michele Wright