Cat Sanctuary


Daphne (aka Lacey), Leo and Angel had all been fostered in a home with three cats already in residence. When they all had to be brought to the shelter, they were allowed to stay together.

Snowball is a beautiful white longhair with blue eyes. I hear she has a slight limp, which she was born with, but it doesn’t appear to bother her and it’s easy to forget she even has it.


Snowball has a really nice personality to go with her good looks. In spite of this, I worry that she’s unlikely to be adopted – for the simple reason that she’s 9. She hardly seems like an old cat, but many if not most people think twice about taking in and getting attached to an animal already approaching 10. And yet I had a cat live to 22!


After I took Daphne and Leo home, the other four cats were released from their small enclosure to join the general population of the shelter. I try to find and check in on them whenever I’m there. Snowball’s taken the transition with good grace, still napping in soft places and purring when roused. This in spite of indignities such as being thrown up on as she had been one time I came to see her or having a chunk of fur pulled out by some bad tempered cat on another. And she needs a good brush.


And yet when I took the picture above, it was almost impossible to get a focused shot because she wouldn’t stop purring and trying to climb in my lap for a cuddle. Most of them came out like this:

Updated October 4, 2010: Wonderful news – Snowball and her good friend Angel have been adopted together!

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