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SIMBA & Jack – Friends Forever!

There have often been cases where two or more cats come to the Sanctuary as inseparable buddies but not usually under  circumstances like that of Simba and Jack.

Jack (sleeping) and Simba – BC

When their owner died recently, 11-year-old Simba  and 10-year-old Jack were surrendered to RAPS.  They’re very attached to each other so being removed from  their “person” and their forever home together was perhaps not quite as disastrous as if they’d been alone. However, after landing safely at RAPS, their troubles were far from over – Simba tested positive for feline AIDS and had to be transferred to the area of the Cat Sanctuary designated for cats with this condition while AIDS-negative Jack remained at RAPS’ City Shelter.

Jack – MW

It quickly became apparent that the two were miserable without each other! The obvious solution was to re-unite them at the Cat Sanctuary so now, even though Jack is AIDS-negative, he’s happy to back with his best friend Simba and Simba is delighted to share his new digs with Jack.

Jack (MM & Simba (BC)

Tabby/white Jack and orange Simba are both friendly and affectionate boys.  Simba is especially out-going,  persistently pushing his head against my hand for ear rubs as soon as I opened his cage door.  Jack is a little bit shyer – I had to make the first move toward him but, once I did, he started purring and head-butting my hand as well. Jack posed nicely for a photo but, with all his demands for attention, it isn’t nearly as easy to get a non-blurry photo of Simba. You’ll just have to come and meet him to see how handsome he is!

Simba – MW

As you may have read in a past post, cats who test positive for feline AIDS can live normal life spans without the need for medication, so both Jack and Simba are considered adoptable to a forever home that could ensure that they don’t get outside to contact other cats.  Of course, these two buddies would have to stay together!!   After living with Simba for many years without becoming AIDS-positive, Jack probably wouldn’t do so now.  Instead, he’d likely become depressed and develop other health problems if permanently separated from his buddy Simba.

Jack – PH

UPDATE: Simba and Jack have been adopted together!  Following the death of her elderly cat, one of our volunteers decided that she was going to be their new forever-home. Congratulations to all three of you!
Blog by Marianne Moore
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Marianne Moore and Michele Wright