Cat Sanctuary


Interesting how cat friends are made. Sometimes it’s at the whim of the human, such as when I took an interest in Pickle because she reminded me of a cat I had growing up. And sometimes, the human has no say in the matter – it’s all up to the cat.









Earlier this month, Shady decided I was going to be her friend. And that’s all there was too it. Leslie noticed her pawing at my back as I crouched to visit with Cozy and came over to make the proper introductions. Shady was so insistently friendly that I was surprised to learn that she isn’t like this with everyone she meets.

I learned from Lisa that Shady came in as a kitten with her sister. Initially, when they were in a cage in the kitten trailer, the sister was the more tame of the two. But later, once they were released into the main sanctuary population, Shady became the tame one. Now, when a group of cats cluster around a human visitor to receive cuddles and treats, Shady will often decide to join them. Demands for intensive one-on-one cuddle time? That’s apparently a little more unusual. No wonder when Lisa saw me getting trills and headbutts out of a little black-brown cat, she asked “Who is that?” and was surprised by the answer.

Maybe I look like someone Shady used to know.

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