Cat Sanctuary


Sasha is such a pretty girl that her picture is featured on the cat sanctuary home page.









Many who see her feel an urge to snap a picture or two, a burden she accepts most gracefully. Sometimes she even seems to put some thought into striking the prettiest pose.

But the deal ends there. There is to be no touching of the cat, thank you very much.
Sasha came to RAPS as a kitten, but she never really lost her skittishness around people.

She is the sister of Riley from the front courtyard, who, in contrast to Sasha, is tame and friendly enough that he was able to go and live with one of our former volunteers… at least until he developed an unfortunate habit of peeing where he shouldn’t and had to be returned to the sanctuary.

Sasha has remained, for me anyway, a look-but-don’t-touch kitty. Has anyone else had luck getting more than a fingertip to nose tip before she scoots off to a safer distance?

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