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Santos & Debo

Debo – MW

Santos and Debo are siblings who came to live at the Sanctuary in November last year, when their owner moved to an assisted living facility and couldn’t take her beloved tabbies with her. The chances of finding a forever home for these two fifteen-year boys were pretty slim but if that doesn’t happen, they’ve found one with us.

Debo – DW

Santos and Debo started out together in a large cage in the Moore House but it soon became clear that being roommates wasn’t necessarily what either of them wanted. They also seemed to be too “young at heart” to require the quiet environment that the older cats in that building prefer. So, they got their own private bachelor pads – Santos in the first available cage in Hill House and Debo in the single-wide trailer. Cats usually progress from a cage in Hill House into the front courtyard but that area is home to a few “bully-boy” cats like Leland and Puffin so probably wouldn’t have been a happy place for an older boy like Santos. Besides, he occasionally has a slight tremor so Animal Care Staff wanted to be able to keep a closer eye on him.

Santos – MW

When he was ready, Santos was released into the same trailer as Debo.  Although there wasn’t a happy sibling reunion, both are quite content there. Debo quickly claimed one of the comfy chairs as his own and Santos insists on hanging around just inside the door to ensure that he gets immediate attention from anyone who enters. If that doesn’t work, he’ll gently but insistently paw at the visitor’s leg to get it.

Santos & Debo – close, but not TOO close! – MM

Although Santos came to us with a reputation for sometimes scratching or biting without warning, he’s been well-behaved here after a brief period of settling in. In fact, both Santos and Debo are very affectionate boys and both are determined to be lap cats, especially Debo. Sit down anywhere near him and he’s on your lap! Debo is generally more laid-back and out-going than Santos, but Santos has mellowed quickly and has gained plenty fans among staff, volunteers and visitors. Although neither can be called grumpy anymore, Brigid has compared them to Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in “Grumpy Old Men” – can’t tell them apart.

Debo – MW

Fortunately, Santos’ tremor doesn’t seem to be related to any serious health issues but he’s presently recovering from a bad cold so is a bit unsteady on his feet. That bit of wobble just adds to his appeal and, of course, successfully enforces his wish to be picked up and cuddled.

Santos on lap – MM

When I visited him recently, he was so busy squirming happily on my lap or head-butting my hands that it was almost impossible to get a non-blurred photo of him.  I had to hold him close and take a photo with my camera held in front of both of us like a couple of selfie-taking teenagers. You can see how handsome he is! Debo was much more cooperative, posing like a true professional!

Why don’t you sit down and cuddle me? – MM

When you’re at the Sanctuary, ask one of the volunteers to introduce you to Santos and Debo in the Single-Wide trailer, and, if you’ve been thinking of sponsoring one or two of the resident cats, please consider these two.   Sponsorship forms are available at the Sanctuary or on the RAPS website at
Blog by Marianne Moore
Photos by Marianne Moore, Debbie Wolanski & Michele Wright