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Sanctuary Pen Five

Pen no. 5 is a little quieter these days – our sweet trio of Arlington, Kirara and Spaz have gone into foster-care – mostly with an eye to keeping alert to Spaz’s diet, and helping him lose some weight with a combination of fewer calories and more exercise. The three of them are greatly missed, but we’re very happy for them – they were surrendered to our care from a home, and it’s good to see them going into a home together.
They were a trio that was very demanding of attention from visitors, and it’s good that the other cats get a bit more of a look-in now. I will hope, in upcoming blogs, to put more focus on individuals, but here’s an overview.
You’ll likely be greeted at the gate by big ROOKIE. He came to us as an unneutered stray, found by volunteers Barb & Waldi, who always make a point of visiting him.

Rookie – MW

HUDSON is very chatty and friendly from outside the pen – especially if treats are being handed out – but a little more wary about being touched by visitors; he will often take himself up to the top of the cat tree nearest the door.

Hudson – PH

Blond WALKER is the most vocal of the cats, and again, likes humans on the other side of the fence, but is none too sure about the ones inside. He’d rather hang around with his buddy CAPILANO, who is not friendly to humans, though calmer than he used to be. Capilano is another big boy, though his weight took a dive when he needed some serious dental work.

Walker & Capilano – MW

Walker also seems to get on with a number of the other inhabitants of the pen, which includes two small grey cats. WILLOW is currently caged for vestibular disease – a condition that affects the inner ear, and therefore the balance of the cat. CAREEN is shy but very sweet.

Careen & Walker – PH

ADAM & MAY have been introduced before; they are practically always together. Both enjoy being petted, but are not too sure about taking human attention much further yet.

May (top) & Adam – BC

There are a few lap-cats, though. CHINOOK was wary about people when he came in, and is now very find of attention, and loves to climb onto a lap. He’s a little sensitive around his lower back, but if you keep your petting around his head, he loves it.

Walker & Chinook – MW (Calendar cats!)

SALISH looks like another big animal, until you take a look at the head, and realize that it’s quite a small body under all that fur!  She’s another very shy, but beautiful cat.

Salish – MW

Handsome black RUDOLPH is either in hiding, or being the total flirt – he has the most beautiful fur, rather like Ninja.

Rudolph – MW

Just a reminder for visitors: we ask that people don’t go into this pen to visit them without an experienced volunteer or one of the staff present.
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Michele Wright