Cat Sanctuary

Sanctuary Cats Beat the Heat

“Beat the heat” may not actually be the best expression here, seeing as any sort of beating would involve effort. And anyone who knows cats respond to the rather toasty temperatures we’ve had these past few days (ok, not just the cats) knows that effort is not something to be spent foolishly.

The impetus to expend effort in writing about this rather than succumbing to a pre-bedtime nap comes from one of the drawings Vincent and Ayako shared with me last year. It’s just too cute not to share with everyone.

The cats are saying atsui, or “hot” in Japanese. You may recognize the cat on the left as PeeWee.

RAPS staff do various things to help keep the cats (and the humans) from overheating.

We have a fountain out the back,









A cool mist stick out the front,

Buckets of water here and there,

And sanity-preserving fans inside the main buildings.

Other than that, there’s a whole lot of sleeping going on.

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