Cat Sanctuary


I introduced Cookie a while back as a cat in the habit of requesting attention with a polite tap-tap-tap. Sadie is equally friendly and infinitely pushier in the way she goes about it; she simply starts climbing a person’s leg.

Most of my close encounters with her start like this:

… knees buckled in sudden, claw-induced pain, trying to unhook her while she vigorously rubs her face all over my hand. Still, she really is a sweet girl who delights in being held while she purrs endlessly, so it’s not hard to forgive her for her rudeness in the way she asks for a little love.






Sadie can often be found in the back yard outside the tea room. If you’re lucky enough to catch her in a moment of repose, you can see she’s quite a nice looking cat.



But these moments tend to be short-lived, particularly if she’s in a good mood. It’s funny – it never occurred to me when I started this project that I’d have as hard a time photographing the friendly tame cats as I would the shy ferals. A shy cat can potentially be captured if you speak spoftly and carry a good zoom lense, but a friendly cat is up close, bobbing and weaving, purring and wriggling… and consequently very hard to keep in focus.


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