Cat Sanctuary


Roly was found as a kitten along with his brother Poly.

With Roly, you may notice a bit of a resemblance to another orange and white longhair in residence, the ever popular Mario. As a result, the somewhat smaller Roly sometimes gets referred to by nicknames such as “Mini Mario” or “Mario Lite.”

According to Marianne, Roly is “kind of shy, but it’s possible to sneak in a quick pet in passing.” She’s been making an effort lately to spend time with him and work on convincing him that sitting on a lap and being petted is a good thing.

These efforts appear to be paying off, as when I introduced myself to Roly earlier this week, I didn’t find him particularly shy at all. I didn’t think to try picking him up, but he didn’t need any convincing at all that being stroked on the ground was a Very Good Thing. He was soon trailing around after me and making it difficult to get a shot that didn’t also feature my own feet.

Roly also gets along well with the other cats, I suppose another reason for the Mario nicknames to stick. In the midst of visiting with me, he had to take little breaks to say hello to Cecilia and wash Salty.
All in all, a very nice boy.



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