Cat Sanctuary

Ricky (II)

This is Ricky:

When she first met him, Leslie thought Ricky was “the neatest looking cat [she’d] ever seen.” She may be more used to him now — spend enough time at the sanctuary and you’ll get to meet more than a few striking cats! — but he’s not the sort of cat who can escape notice for long. He likes attention and is pretty keen to interact.

Ricky doesn’t even need to exert himself to capture the attention of most passers by. For me, I find this expression alone will often suffice:

He makes me smile. And this in turn makes him happy because he knows I’ll get sucked in to softing him and tickling his chin.

Amazingly, this friendly boy used to be feral and started his life at RAPS as a resident of the back pens. There are actually quite a few cats at the sanctuary who have become tame over time. And that in itself is something pretty unique and special about our place.