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RAPS Alumni: (The) Muffin(ator)

With so many stories of cats who didn’t get chosen, I’d like to include one who did.


Muffin, aka The Muffinator, is a RAPS alumni. She was adopted from the shelter on No. 5 Road by Ann, who works both at that facility and the cat sanctuary. Ann had this to say:

“Muffin has been living in her new home for about 2 years now. I just started a RAPS in 2007 when I walked into the back room at 5 Road and saw this tiny little tabby head poking out from a box. She meowed like a mad cat and I thought aw cute little tabby and kept on cleaning. The next week there she was in all her glory! Sitting there so majestically, with THAT leg! I remember running to Janet say I MUST HAVE THAT CAT!!!  Two years later she hasn’t slowed down. She is queen of the castle! It’s hard to pin down her story. Depending on who you talk to, it sounds like she had been passed around a lot after her owner died. But no more.”

“High Five!” photo provided by Ann

Ann is justifiably proud of her chatty, leg-in-the-air tabby. The two photos above originally appeared on the RAPS blog as part of a photo contest along with the following text:

“Many of the staff and volunteers remember Muffin very well because she likes to talk. She likes to talk, a lot! Even with her disability she hasn’t slowed down in the 2 years since she came to live with us. She is always ready to give her new brother merry chase, even up and down stairs!!!!! She is a constant source of conversation to all who come over to visit. She even feels it’s necessary to join in the conversation!!! It just goes to show that fostering or adopting older cats from RAPS is a rewarding experience, as these animals provide much needed company and love.”

On a personal note, I have to thank Ann for completely rehabilitating the name “Muffin.” Previously, the name had been attached to and consequently associated with my grandmother’s cat. An odd combination of obese and skittish, this cat would be drawn in from outside every night at bedtime with calls of “Muffy, Muffy!” accompanied by staccato tapping on a cat food tin with a spoon, much to the chagrin of the neighbors. Ann’s “Muffinator” nickname takes Muffin out of Little Old Lady Land and into a place of wit and fun.

Thanks, Ann!

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