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RAPS Alumni: Elra

Beautiful Bengal Eira was brought to RAPS in 2006 when her owner had to return to Wales and wasn’t able take her.

Not being a big fan of other cats at the best of times, Eira was not terribly happy to suddenly find herself at a shelter with hundreds of them. She became very depressed and wouldn’t eat — to the extent that Carol became quite worried about her welfare and was most anxious to get her placed in a home as soon as possible. On top of this, Eira soon proved herself easily a match in volume for our other resident Bengal at the time and reigning King of Loud Meows, Zulu. Between the two of them, with Eira in a cage in the doublewide and Zulu hanging out in the adjoining laundry room, nobody was going to be allowed to forget that there was a new Bengal present.

When it looked like Linda, already sponsor to a number of sanctuary cats, would now be able (thanks to a change in strata rules) to take one cat into her home, Carol – forgive the pun – pounced on the opportunity. Although willing to try and help out, Linda wasn’t initially sure this would work since Eira had thus far not seemed particularly interested in her. In the end, she agreed to try taking Eira in as a foster cat so that she could at least live in a home until someone was able to adopt her permanently.

On the day Linda was supposed to take Eira home, Carol suggested trying to give Eira some of the chicken that Linda had brought for her various sponsor cats and other cat buddies in the singlewide. Eira promptly devoured practically all of it.
Successful feeding of the cat who’s been too depressed to eat: Check.

Upon arrival at Linda’s home, Eira immediately set herself to the important task of Investigating.

This included checking out all the best places for high-up perching.

No hiding under the bed for this one!

That night, when Linda went to bed wondering with some trepidation what Eira had in mind to get up to between then and the morning, Eira answered the question by crawling into bed with her, cuddling up close and going to sleep.

When Linda next spoke to Carol, she was able to tell her that Eira had found her forever home. Kristen, Eira’s original owner, had left contact information with Carol and was delighted to receive an email from Linda letting her know that Eira was safe and loved in her new home. Linda and Kristen have continued to keep in touch.



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