Cat Sanctuary


We’ve got our share of classically beautiful, photogenic cats at the sanctuary. And, while I just don’t feel right calling any cat ugly, there are some who could safely be described, not without affection, as kind of goofy looking.

Meet Randy.

This senior cat is FIV positive and lives in the New AIDS building. His right eye has a blown out pupil and he’s had enough tooth extractions over time that his tongue tends to slide out between his gums and loll to one side. Add to this a purring, lightly drooling look of love and the result is an endearingly goofy expression.

Interestingly, Randy only turned into a purring love seeker after coming to the sanctuary. Before that, he’d been living at a RAPS feeding site for years, first fed by Carol and then by a volunteer named Louise. When Louise passed away a number of years ago, Carol had Randy brought to the sanctuary to be looked after.

Having spent most of his life living in the bushes and having only limited contact with humans, Randy was not used to being touched and initially wasn’t comfortable with people getting too close to him. Over time, though, staff and volunteers got him used to human contact. Now, he can be quite disappointed if visitors to the New AIDS don’t include him in their visit list.

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